My name is Johnny Adams and I am from South Louisiana where we are blessed with coastlines, marshes, canals, bays, and lakes yielding fresh water and salt water fishing- redfish, speckled trout, drums and flounders along with the larger offshore sport fish. Our fishing season starts in June and proceeds to the end of December. My family and I mostly fish redfish and speckled trout in the fall. Besides catching reds and specks, one of our favorite sports is gigging flounders!

I have floundered over the years with my family, kids, and buddies and now hope my grandkids enjoy the sport, as well. We start scouting our favorite flounder areas in the month of May, marking sand bars, flats entrance, and exit points on hand held GPS. In South Louisiana, Grand Island has an abundance of beach front accessible by vehicle or boat. We mostly flounder by boat in Timbalier Bay or any barrier island that has sand flats leaving a couple hours early and getting some fishing time in. Walking has been the majority way we have floundered on top of sand flats or beach fronts on incoming tides and have learned by using good flounder equipment or gear, especially your gig rod and flounder light, increases your odds of gigging flounders.

That is where J Adams Co. came about. I have designed a flounder gig rod from the pass mishaps that occurred, from bad stringers breaking, untying, cut by underwater sharp sea shells or small sand shark, to replacing rope stringers with 1/8 aircraft 304 stainless steel cable which is very flexible plus adding a quick link for connecting your first flounder catch.

The gig rod you are using is very important to your catch. In the past, we have lost many flounders getting them up on the gig rod to the stringer. This is the reason I have designed a 316 stainless steel 3/8 rod, flared on the top end and milled down on bottom to fit the point and tip. With this new design you may gig a flounder, lift it out of the water, and slide the flounder to the stringer using one hand without getting splashed or losing the flounder off the gig rod.

I have designed this flounder gig rod to be durable by using stainless steel components as much as possible due to the factors of salt water corrosion, making it affordable and reasonably priced which will last for years with a little care. J Adams Co. thanks and appreciates anyone who purchases this dependable gig rod. Hope you enjoy it on your flounder trips!

GIG IT!!!!!!!
Thank you,
J Adams Co. and Family